Under the Overpass

Several years ago…I was in a fully packed Church, standing room only. I had arrived late, and was one of the standing. In a pew, several rows ahead of me was what I thought was a woman crying, with her head down. As she turned, I saw it was a man, with dreadlocks and a beard. I wondered about him, as he looked as if something was wrong. When he got up, and walked out only shortly into the service, I wrestled with myself, to go see if he was ok, or to stay where I came to be…in Church. It soon occurred to me how hypocritical the question even was.

I walked to the door, I found him curled up on the floor, at the back of the room by the door, with lots of people ignoring him, working hard to make space around him, so they could continue with their worship.

I bent down and asked him if i could help him, to which he replied that he had nowhere to stay, and he was very sick. I asked him to follow me, as I would pay for a room for him to stay at a hotel near by. He began to follow me out to my car, and in a brief second of fear, I thought to myself that I might be making a dangerous decision as a young woman, taking a strange man into my car. The thought entered my mind for only a brief second, before he sat down on a bench, and gently said to me..”go get someone so you will feel safe”. I was stunned and relieved, and promised to be right back, asking him to please wait.

I brought back a good friend who introduced himself to the man I was trying to help. What I remember most was his clear blue eyes, his articulate speech, and his gentle intelligent way, as he shook my friend’s hand, and said that his name was “Johnny”.

I bought him a room, and purchased food for him, including Kiwi, as he told us that is what he needed to get better. I have never forgotten him. In some way, he felt like the Holy Spirit to me.

I am now finding my way back to doing something that will matter for the unseen..it will be a journey for me.
I found this blog on the same subject inspiring….

Saved By Grace


Under the Overpass: A Journey of Faith on the Streets of America is a book about two young men named Mike and Sam who decide to live on the streets of America for more than five months. They decide to do this because they want to know if their faith is as real as they say it is; if they can be the Christians they claim to be, the Christians that Jesus calls us to be. Matthew 6:33 says, “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. (NIV). They wanted to completely rely on God for the provision of their next meal or their next place to stay.

On their journey, Mike and Sam experienced many things and got to meet amazing people that changed their lives forever. This post will focus more on the churches Sam and Mike…

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