A whisper asked me to see more…

The triumphant success story of Susan Boyle is not new, but my thoughts about it are.

This week I was in the audience, as Kevin Hall, the author of the book Aspire spoke to us about the life lessons he has written about.  He made one of his points more powerful by showing us the video clip of Susan Boyle’s breakthrough moment on stage. As I watched, I felt the same euphoric experience as I did the first time I saw her succeed though all of us expected it to be a pathetic audition. The tears welled up in my eyes, the same as they have every time I’ve seen her boldly sing, I Have a Dream, flawlessly and profoundly. This time however, that quiet voice was whispering for me to notice more about this story.

The gentle whisper suggested I think of whether this woman was any different in that moment after she sang, than when she first walked out to the stage. The audience and the judges apprehensive  some snickering and rolling their eyes, who was she? She awkwardly made fun, as she was asked questions, clearly built up by her to protect herself from people’s reaction to her, over many years.  My tears welled up again. It whispered, “What are you emotional about?”  I searched my heart…Her big break? Her bravery? That she got her dream? That the words to the song were exactly her story? I was trying to answer. The whisper came back.. “It’s beautiful yes. The lesson is much; more…there is more to learn.  Look deeper.  Look at her before she sang.”

I began to think of what I had not considered before.  This woman was not even a tiny bit different as a human being. In a moment she transformed from being ridiculed and rejected to the immediate cheering embrace and love of the world, to be our newest hero and success story.  YET she herself, was one not one bit different in her being alive. Not in the moment before, and not in the moment after.  Our thoughts of her changed, but that was all. We saw something new in her, something that we could love and even champion.

So we respond with: “Well, she showed us what she could do” “She was brave and went on stage and made the world see her!  And we accept her, and we embrace her brilliance, and we love her now as the underdog who won!”

We are such a fickle people.

What in this world is being lost on us, because there is no beauty that our eyes see, or our ears behold? If we don’t see it, is it not there?

Maybe the bravest among us, are those hero’s who have to face a world that does not, or will not see them. Maybe they are here to test the world that does not accept them. Maybe they are the brilliant light sent to challenge our own shallowness. A world that does not value anything but the right package. Maybe these people carry their beauty differently. Are they the angels God gives us to look deeper into ourselves? A test to become less prejudice about what beauty really is? A choice to be better than we are now? To embrace, without the right conditions in place? To be powered less by the crowd, and more by the soul? I wonder how we are doing…

The whisper asked me to see more again this week…I am learning.

Big hugs and love my friends…


One thought on “A whisper asked me to see more…

  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and reminding us that we do need to look deeper and not place people in categories but to look for the beauty that is in each of us.


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