Embrace it all-without fear

Embrace it ALL -without fear…. MONEY: Here is how I feel about it.  If you were given some kind of talent that allows you to make money. Then it’s expected that you use that talent well! Not half way, but WELL.  If you can make money and others can’t.  Teach them, help them, fund them.  But for goodness sake, don’t squander your opportunity. Same thing if you can sing, then SING! If you can create art, PAINT! If you are good at carpentry, BUILD. If you are good at sales, FIND WHAT OTHER PEOPLE WANT and HELP THEM GET IT. … Continue reading Embrace it all-without fear

Fathers Day in Church…

Father’s Day today… In church on Fathers Day today. A good guest speaker is teaching us…I’m learning.  She’s talking about how little David was selected by Saul, before the big take down.  I like it when people teach me the Bible in laymen’s terms, and it comes alive for me.  Very compelling. And…my mind wanders when she starts doing the group prayer: One long thought-or my own prayer really-over the top of hers…I often ask myself why I must do my own thing….exasperating sometimes-is it an unwillingness to conform? (Mental Grimace) I reach for my pen: Dear Father in heaven. … Continue reading Fathers Day in Church…

A whisper asked me to see more…

The triumphant success story of Susan Boyle is not new, but my thoughts about it are. This week I was in the audience, as Kevin Hall, the author of the book Aspire spoke to us about the life lessons he has written about.  He made one of his points more powerful by showing us the video clip of Susan Boyle’s breakthrough moment on stage. As I watched, I felt the same euphoric experience as I did the first time I saw her succeed though all of us expected it to be a pathetic audition. The tears welled up in my eyes, … Continue reading A whisper asked me to see more…

“What if this is just me, being dramatic??

An Adventure we can take anytime: Adventure #2: Saturday, October 13, 2012. My daughter Miranda and I went to a Beth Moore event in Long Beach. I haven’t known very much about Beth Moore except that she is a good spiritual teacher, is VERY funny, and is my mentor Mo Anderson’s spiritual Mentor. My daughter and I went to learn more. We waited at the Long Beach Arena as 9000 people streamed in…mostly women. Fortunate to have found seats about 8 rows from the stage, with a seat, just one, between me and the woman on the other side of … Continue reading “What if this is just me, being dramatic??

Life on Speed

Life on Speed Life. This Life. Our life. Our precious personal time on this earth is getting louder, busier and faster as information comes at us from every direction-Intense, unending streaming motion, commotion, and emotion. There are “Have to’s”, “want to’s”, “need to’s”, and “can’t do’s” all piled up, filling every precious minute we have. Is it enough? Deep beyond all of that noise and intensity, in a small-undefined place in our soul, is a hollow echo that is often not filled. Most everyone I talk to knows exactly what I mean when I describe it, and they feel it … Continue reading Life on Speed

You Are Not Yet Who You Will Be…

You Are Not Yet Who You Will Be. During my morning walk, I listed to “I’m not lost, I’m not lost, no, no just undiscovered…” the words to a really good song by James Morrison, called “Undiscovered” and it goes on to say, “I’m just waiting for you to find me”. I had a man say something like this to me once, in an interview. After being tough to deal with, I decided to ask him deeper questions, instead of kicking him out of my office. He softened up, and then I asked why he put on the tough front. … Continue reading You Are Not Yet Who You Will Be…

Under the Overpass

Originally posted on Saved By Grace:
Under the Overpass: A Journey of Faith on the Streets of America is a book about two young men named Mike and Sam who decide to live on the streets of America for more than five months. They decide to do this because they want to know if their faith is as real as they say it is; if they can be the Christians they claim to be, the Christians that Jesus calls us to be. Matthew 6:33 says, “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given… Continue reading Under the Overpass

When Will You Know?

When will you know what your potential and what your destiny is? What we commit to matters. What we do matters more. Each kept promise we make, if “only” to ourselves, sets up for the next. Keeping or breaking our word can become habitual. What we SAY we really want, if meant, is supported with action. Without action, it’s just a wish. Check in: Is your plan for yourself really important to you? “Sow an act, and you reap a habit;  Sow a habit and you reap a character; Sow a character and you reap a destiny.”    (-George Dana Boardman-)  What is your destiny?  What … Continue reading When Will You Know?

My Thoughts For 2012

As we head into 2012, a few people have asked me for my vision for our company. In thinking about this, it seems that any vision we have for any of our businesses should be equally in line with the vision we have for ourselves. My vision for myself in 2012, is to continue to learn and to be be better as a friend, mother, partner, mentor, teacher, and especially better as God’s servant. To do something good as often as I can, to live up to my word, and to always help others find their way. To speak up … Continue reading My Thoughts For 2012

Welcome-Why “Don’t Hang -Climb”?

So the message is:…Don’t hang – Climb…and welcome to this site and blog This is my very first communication via blog.The name: “Don’t hang – climb” is because of a quote I heard while teaching one of my classes. The quote was “It’s easier to climb, than it is to hang on”, and that one stuck with me. You and I may be a lot alike, and though we have great motivation, at times, we may also, if we have basic human qualities, find ourselves stuck. We don’t know why, but we can’t move from where we are.  The extra … Continue reading Welcome-Why “Don’t Hang -Climb”?