Fathers Day in Church…

Father’s Day today…

little girl in God's beamIn church on Fathers Day today. A good guest speaker is teaching us…I’m learning.  She’s talking about how little David was selected by Saul, before the big take down.  I like it when people teach me the Bible in laymen’s terms, and it comes alive for me.  Very compelling.

And…my mind wanders when she starts doing the group prayer:

One long thought-or my own prayer really-over the top of hers…I often ask myself why I must do my own thing….exasperating sometimes-is it an unwillingness to conform? (Mental Grimace) I reach for my pen:

Dear Father in heaven. (Not my dad from earth-now up there in heaven, uh…or wherever he went), my God and Father…this is for you…(Yes…I actually do pray like this).

I need your help down here.  So imma pray for it now:

When I need it-and I always need it: Please bring your wisdom. And please bring me the faith to remember to have faith. – When you give me wisdom, from your big self, to my little heart at exactly the right moment, I don’t need to worry, help me remember that. And remind me that you will have me ready when you want me ready. It’s not to be my own attempt, without your help-but rather from YOUR wisdom.

When I need it (mostly always) help me with patience: Help me lead with love, and your will-not my own.  I need to remember that ALL patience is coming from you, and I have NO patience what-so-ever on my own. Help me remember that I don’t need to be all proud of how I pulled it off with a smug look on my face either, or even silently in my head.  Help me remember-once again all wisdom and patience that I posses is not my own.

Help me answer the call of YOUR WILL-without having to say :”Really? Cause, I don’t think I should do that…”  We both know, I recognize the whispers you send. And we also both know, how I try to argue with you-which can seem like I am arguing with myself-and, we also both know I’m trying NOT to hear you. Hmmm….I wonder God..How sick are you, of that?

I give in, turns out your right…I don’t-turns out you woulda been right. Can you help me with this…?  Seems like i would learn. It’s best for me to say yes every time.

It occurs to me now, as I sit in this church and hear how you called little David to battle Goliath…that you just know how these things are going to work out. Even if everyone else is saying…”common..seriously?..No way…” You DO just know.

I have to always remember that you are my father. My REAL father, and that you love me beyond measure, and that you will lead me to greater things than I could ever even think are possible for myself. Because of your endless, enduring love, I know you will never hurt me in any way. You know my heart, you have given me certain gifts you expect me to use, and I must trust you in all things. I must listen, and follow.  Your love for me is faultless, and all it takes is that I put my whole faith in you…and follow. Please help me with all of this.

Second-Short thought:

This one is answering questions I had been grappling with for several days.  My mind gives me negative little thoughts, that undermine my confidence in some things, or in the direction-which you send me to. I wrestle with… “over-thinking” as it is sometimes called.

The answer is succinct and direct:

“When your mind goes to the negative-it’s the devil’s pull. Dismiss it quickly.” Ok got it…I hear ya! 🙂

So friends…

Happy Fathers Day everyone-I hope your day is perfect and you connect with everyone you love…

hugs and love to all!!



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