Life on Speed

Life on Speed

Life. This Life. Our life.

Our precious personal time on this earth is getting louder, busier and faster as information comes at us from every direction-Intense, unending streaming motion, commotion, and emotion. There are “Have to’s”, “want to’s”, “need to’s”, and “can’t do’s” all piled up, filling every precious minute we have. Is it enough?

Deep beyond all of that noise and intensity, in a small-undefined place in our soul, is a hollow echo that is often not filled. Most everyone I talk to knows exactly what I mean when I describe it, and they feel it too. It doesn’t leave us. What is our purpose we say?

We have Stuff. Lots of it! Everywhere. We store it, organize it, display it, stack it, rotate it, wash it, paint it, rearrange it, pile it, sell it, repurpose it, and shop for more of it. It “completes us” we say with a wry smirk. And yet, it’s not filling us up. That hollow echo continues to haunt. It doesn’t leave with more stuff, it always comes back, and we always know it’s there. What is our purpose?

We get home, and the words stumble out “finally we can relax”. We really need to zone out. We decide to take time for mindless entertainment, and there it is, waiting for us: “Reality TV”. An entertainment package designed to spotlight the other human beings in the most adverse situations. Designed to bring out ego, jealousy, shallowness, anger, and delightfully, so much more, all for our viewing pleasure. We get to become voyeurs into the stupidity, and weakness of other human frailties. A very purposeful selection of situations and people, will frame humanities worst traits beautifully. Producers become the crafty bully’s for profits, and so we will watch. We laugh and shake our heads in disgust, and yet, boy do we continue to watch. We snicker and gasp and discuss, and we try to feel better.

Yet all the while…our precious minutes on this Earth are ticking away wasted…and that hollow echo is standing by right in the back of our spirit. It doesn’t leave when we watch others in pain, or make fun of them, we know it’s there, and it gives no peace, even when we try to mask it.

It feels deep; it feels like a hunger that wants to be filled. It’s calls us, almost aches at times. Do we need to find our purpose? Calling us, but we don’t not know what to? Should we work more? Do we need to have more? Do we need to be more?

We can ask ourselves. Could this be the place from where God beckon’s? Is this hollowness where God lives in us and says “I am here my child, this is the place where I await you” Is this where he wants us to learn that we cannot be completely fulfilled by anyone else or anything, other than his pure love? Does he call us, quite simply, to find our purpose there, in his grace, and in his light? Is that the call of the emptiness…the way he planned for us to find him all along?

We must decide, we always get to decide. We might check with in by asking ourselves some questions.

When I am at odds with another person, do I feel unsettled and sometimes in pain? Do I feel the weight of the anger, as my burden, when they are angry with me? Does that stay in the background of all that I do? And then, do I feel light and happy when it is resolved and all is well with everyone. Is that my mirror for grace and forgiveness?

Do I feel the most fulfilled and happy when I have done something for another simply because it helped them, though they could not repay me? Especially when it is a stranger that I do not know? Is that unconditional love? Is that like paying forward in gratefulness for all that has been given to me?

Do I feel most at peace in the quiet moments when we are reflecting on how blessed my life has been, and how grateful I am? When we hold a baby that has just been born? When I learn of a story of survival against all odds? When I look into the eyes of an animal that only knows love unconditionally? When I hug a child. When I listen to a beautiful song? When I sit by the ocean in silence just to hear the whispers to my heart? When I pray? In those times is there any trace of feeling empty or a hollow ache. In any of those moments do I taste pure peace, and unconditional love?

Life might be simpler than we guessed. And in the simplicity, lives the brilliance.

Bless you my friends, on your own journey of discovery.


2 thoughts on “Life on Speed

  1. How did you know I would look back on this a few years later and say yes this is how I feel🙋🏻‍♀️


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