“What if this is just me, being dramatic??

An Adventure we can take anytime:

Adventure #2: Saturday, October 13, 2012.

My daughter Miranda and I went to a Beth Moore event in Long Beach. I haven’t known very much about Beth Moore except that she is a good spiritual teacher, is VERY funny, and is my mentor Mo Anderson’s spiritual Mentor. My daughter and I went to learn more.

We waited at the Long Beach Arena as 9000 people streamed in…mostly women. Fortunate to have found seats about 8 rows from the stage, with a seat, just one, between me and the woman on the other side of it. I looked at it a few times, and told my daughter that someone who was all by themselves would surely find a seat there, and it would be “meant to be” for them, since they came alone. Mostly optimistic, not really in faith, at that point.

Time went on, the event music began..yet no one was in that seat. A little intuitive thought came to me that I needed to go out to the lobby, and find the person who was meant to sit there…I almost dismissed it. I mentioned it to my daughter who confirmed I needed to go if that is what I was thinking. So out I went.

Well, I stood out there in the mass confusion of everyone coming in, and I felt a bit stupid, actually, really stupid. I was just standing and looking at groups as they walked in. How in the world was I going to find someone all by themselves? Everyone was laughing and chattering with others, walking by me. This was another one of my dumb ideas I thought. Remembering that I always have these adventurous, romantic notions of being called to something. “Here you go again…”

After a while of questioning myself..a thought came to mind. “SO….this is where faith comes in I guess..when you feel unsure because you listened to a little call..just do it. Stop thinking of yourself…this is about faith, so now have some!”

Soon, I felt I needed to go to the door where people where still coming in..”she isn’t in here yet” I was thinking. So I waited which seemed like a long time, because the music for the event had started, and I was missing it!

Then..there she was..it wasn’t any big old shiver or dramatic feeling or anything else like that. I just walked up to this older woman who walked in alone. Without even thinking I said  “Are you here alone?” She nodded, saying she was. I put my arm around her shoulders and said with a big smile “I have been waiting for you..I have a seat for you with us, right up front.”

We walked in together, as she happily expressed her delight and surprise, saying “This must be what it feels like when you get to heaven and an angel says…”I have been waiting for you….” (So cute). I still wasn’t sure this was any big deal, as I walked in with her. In fact with a new lack of faith I thought…”What if I got the wrong one!!??”  …..Sheesh Beverly…really?

At the break we had time to talk, she shared some of the difficulty she was going through, how it had come to a pinnacle in the past few days, and how she had felt so isolated going to this event alone. She noted that she almost didn’t come, because she felt so bad going alone. She was sweet and positive with a wonderful spirit, yet she expressed what a difference it made to her to have us there with her, with tears in her eyes.

Just how perfectly planned this was, didn’t resonate with me fully, until today. I received an email from her, which included her saying:

“You are my Angel. As I reflected on my experience on Saturday, it became so much clearer how God worked thru you, Beverly. I walked in feeling alone/depressed & you immediately made me feel included & loved. I will remember your kindness, compassion & healing love forever, but especially when I feel excluded from the mainstream of life.”  -Gloria

Faith is not always clear. It seemed like I was just coming up with an idea. Turns out wonderful lady really needed a friend that day. God let me be his helper, to show her he loves her. There were no bells or whistles or chills, or revelations or visions. Lucky for me I listened, and went with it. Yes, and questioning the whole way..feeling unsure. Then finding out it was all perfectly orchestrated.

I wonder how many times I have dismissed, and missed the opportunity in the past?

My daughter had a similar situation happen at that the same event with the girl next to her. Same urging, same reluctance…yet completely clear after she moved forward.

Confirmation….Small things matter in big ways sometimes. When you feel stupid acting on the idea, or like you will be rejected as you try…just do it. That’s what faith is.

What will be our Next Adventure…? I’m having faith we will know soon. Join me when you can…

Big, Big Hugs and love my friends..



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