You Are Not Yet Who You Will Be…

You Are Not Yet Who You Will Be.

During my morning walk, I listed to “I’m not lost, I’m not lost, no, no just undiscovered…” the words to a really good song by James Morrison, called “Undiscovered” and it goes on to say, “I’m just waiting for you to find me”.

I had a man say something like this to me once, in an interview. After being tough to deal with, I decided to ask him deeper questions, instead of kicking him out of my office. He softened up, and then I asked why he put on the tough front. He said he wanted people to find him, as the tears welled up in his eyes.  A little test of sorts, to see if anyone cared enough to look deeper I guess.

Making an assumption that others are going to find you might be optimistic. If we are lucky, really blessed, a person will show up to assist, but the rest is up to us.  Movies and books give us the impression, and even hope that we will be rescued, yet at the end of the day, the lights go on, and here we are, in charge of ourselves.

15 thoughts:

  1. If you push people away, you can be safe.  Yet without deep interaction, true growth is hindered. So, it’s not a heroic choice.
  2. Good looks may let you believe more about yourself, than you have developed yourself to be.  Others might support you in that illusion…be more.
  3. Excuses are lies to yourself about your own intentions.
  4. Believing that you’re less, will make you less.
  5. Gossip about others may momentarily help you feel like more, but will expose you as less.
  6. Personality is outward appearance; person is inside reality.
  7. What you read, listen to, what you watch and how you speak will etch lines in you. Your mind is obedient.
  8. The consistency of the habit is the mold for what arrives in the future.
  9. Time matters.
  10. Doing the right thing matters.
  11. Set down whatever you wish you would or wouldn’t have done. Forgive yourself. Then change.
  12. Set down whatever another did, or did not do, forgive. Let them change. (If they don’t its not your issue.)
  13. Do good, be good and believe in good. It is not un-cool.
  14. Don’t put anyone on a pedestal. God is God and that’s it.
  15. Pray every day for help, and then have faith that you’re getting it.

You are not yet, who you will be…which direction are you going?

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