Welcome-Why “Don’t Hang -Climb”?

So the message is:…Don’t hang – Climb…and welcome to this site and blog

This is my very first communication via blog.The name: “Don’t hang – climb” is because of a quote I heard while teaching one of my classes.
The quote was “It’s easier to climb, than it is to hang on”, and that one stuck with me.
You and I may be a lot alike, and though we have great motivation, at times, we may also, if we have basic human qualities, find ourselves stuck.
We don’t know why, but we can’t move from where we are.  The extra exertion it takes to get ourselves boosted up, or propelled forward won’t come, and so we just hang there. Right there, getting weaker, knowing we might drop, and we cannot, or we will not, push ourselves into the activity it will take to get out of the situation.A thing in motion remains in motion, and a thing at rest remains at rest. hanging isn’t quite resting, it’s harder. It hurts.
Eventually we have to let go and fall, or we have to move forward…there can be no status quo to hanging, motion in one direction or another is inevitable. So, on our journey together, as I hope it to be, will be to climb.
We may all work at different paces, and may rest at different times, but we shall commit, (those of us who do commit) and we shall continue.  Together, we can stay in motion, as we will be pacing each other, and we will not be on our journey alone.
Those of you who are nodding and agreeing will stay with us. However, some of you may actually LIKE hanging at this moment. No worries.  (Just catch up with us later!).  In any case, welcome everyone, to our site  “Don’t Hang – Climb” and thank you for reading about this adventure we are heading into.Glasses up…..here’s to finding new lucrative horizons as we reach up, get a new grip, steady our feet and start climbing!
-Beverly Steiner

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