My Thoughts For 2012

As we head into 2012, a few people have asked me for my vision for our company.

In thinking about this, it seems that any vision we have for any of our businesses should be equally in line with the vision we have for ourselves.

My vision for myself in 2012, is to continue to learn and to be be better as a friend, mother, partner, mentor, teacher, and especially better as God’s servant.

To do something good as often as I can, to live up to my word, and to always help others find their way.

To speak up for what is right, and for that which needs a voice, to let go of what is not important,  to give love more, and do the right thing, to see beyond the surface, and to look for the good.

So my vision for our company must be the same.

It is that our associate partners, and staff continue learning to be better in all of their relationships.

That they will especially attend to their faith and their spiritual connections.

That they will continue to to do something good, as often as they can, and will always be examples of outstanding service to their clients, and their communities.

That they will live up to their word, and will always help people find their way. I see them speaking up for what is right, and for that which needs a voice, and letting go of what doesn’t matter.

They too are learning to give love more. I see them doing the right thing, looking beyond what seems to be, and looking for the good.

All Together we will all work closely to have careers worth having, business worth owning, and lives worth living.

What matters is what matters. If we focus on these things, I believe we will have great success, all of us.

I am looking forward to the great journey we will all be on, as one great team in 2012!

-Beverly Steiner


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